My Night with Andrew Cunanan (2011) 


In a cross-country murder spree that ended with the killing of fashion icon Gianni Versace, “My Night with Andrew Cunanan” is a docudrama crime thriller based on real life events in San Francisco in 1997 and one young gay drunken man's encounter with him days before he would begin that spree that would earn him the dubious honor of the youngest serial killer on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted list. Could one decision made during that encounter have prevented the murder of five men? This cautionary tale invites us to consider whether fate can be changed by exploring 'What if...?'



Devin Kordt-Thomas (Actor-Director-Writer-Producer) -

Directors Statement:

As my first screenplay, directorial debut, and self-produced short, I wanted to make a film that was close to heart and within my realm of experience.  For better or worse, I had a connection with Andrew Cunanan days before began his killing spree of at least five victims – including iconic fashion designer Gianni Versace.

In writing the screenplay I explored a form of self-induced hypnotic regression to remember / re-live my experience with Andrew in April of 1997 and craft truthful dialogue.  Eerily, as I typed out the script at my desk, it seemed he was just a few feet behind my chair.

I believe many can relate to the pursuit of love and the vulnerable state and situations we place ourselves in its pursuit.  As a cautionary tale, even those who may appear normal, intelligent and even charismatic on the surface may harbor a darker shadow side beneath.

For those who know me personally, this film may be too close for comfort in its exploration of “What if…?”  For others, I invite you to consider how one decision changes everything.